Themes: Dreams, personal power, exploring all options, slow + steady wins the race, rest.

Try not to do everything all at once is the primary message coming through the cards for the week. The cards indicate that somewhere whilst mapping out your goals you may have become a little rigid and focusing on a singular outcome. Our medicine card was Alligator reversed for the week ahead which encourages a lack of judgement, exploring all possibilities and bringing in a fluidity riding the season of change may be best.

The cards highlighted the first card as a main source of perspective for the week ahead and wow we have the magician, one of my favorites. In the spirit of the full moon in scorpios energy closely followed by the Four of Swords and The Hermit. Take time to be in pause, rest. A lot of the deep inner work this week needs to be processed in solitude, having said that the outcome of the work was The Queen of Cups. A favorable outcome for all.

Place an emphasis on dream work and journaling within your full moon rituals, thereโ€™s so much inner information and clarity that can come forth from the Scorpio energy. Take time to pause, reflect, slow down on pressures to have multiple motions forth this week, the cards Indicate a slow down is necessary with a ramp up in energy closing out the week moving into next week.

It may feel like the energy is highlighting ambition, goals and forward motion but the full moon may be tackling more inward emotion, clearing, teaching and guiding you to your own source of personal power (the magician) in that battle of wills energetically the best thing one can do is surrender to it and take time for rest.

Shadow work, relationships, justice, clearing are all themes that are coming to fruition, however those themes resonate for you this week allow yourself the space and time necessary to process. Taurus energy always has us slow down to process the finer details in our evolution. Think of this moment as an opportunity to dive deep whilst gaining the energy and momentum needed for Gemini season.

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ›

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