Themes: Truth uncovering, shadow work, elimination, cleansing, healing.

What are you uncovering right now, deep within you? What cycles are you ending? This Scorpio full moon will reveal illumination that is beneath the surface, trust the sign of Scorpio to always guide you to your highest truth.

I’ve been raising scorpions for many years now and the animals teach me so much about life, death, spirituality, they are the ultimate teacher. If anyone knows the secrets about life, death, protection, it’s scorpio.

My scorpion Lilith, when she transforms in her molting process she usually wants to be left alone, going deep within the darkness to shed her skin, that in itself is the regeneration of the sign a continual transformation of life and death internally. I could go on about the things I love about the sign but there’s also some pointers here within the energy. The truth can and will set you free, but that usually doesn’t come without some uprooting of some kind. Rebirth, it is transformational, and I n the scorpions case can be an event which feels insular and isolated.

Take the space you need during this moon cycle to go within and heal. If you need more room from others than usual, take that space. In the coming days many events may feel fated, including meeting others. There is a lot of past life activity coming to the surface, culmination points and a karmic twist of fate.

These are the moments where we get to reroute roads that we thought were paved a certain way forever.

You are moving mountains, no matter how the energy transcends for you during the full moon know that you are absolutely going to reap the rewards of the deep healing you are doing now.

Go easy on yourself and others right now, sensitivity is high, for those that are empathic or navigating psychic gifts the key theme is boundaries as many people may come to ask for your help during this time, support where and when you can but please do make sure you are not spreading yourself too thin.

Watch for the energy of the transformation to build within five days of the full moon (the 26th)

Much light to all magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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