Anousha Oils brings together the best of nature and science to create distinctive, full-bodied, complex Aromatherapy blends, carefully balanced and curated. Our principles are founded in bridging the gap between Beauty and Energy healing. Anousha Energy Intention Collection Aromatherapy oils are a key component to any daily self-care routine. 

We believe your healing starts inside and reflects outward in the world. We are committed to bringing to you self care tools that are non- toxic and highly effective in transforming your energy. 

    The Anousha line was created out of our spiritual motivation to further aid the collective in shifting energy themselves.

 Every ingredient that is included in our products is there for a specific energetic intention.

All of our formulas are original, created by an Energy specialist and tested by us, on real people moving their energy.

All of our products have an emphasis on high quality ingredients.

Upon seeing the intensively healing qualities of the oils and how so many of Anousha's clients reported substantial shifts within their own energy after using the line, the Anousha line was born.    

The Energy Intention collection are Aromatherapy oils featuring fresh herbs and crystals that are based on specific energy healing intentions.

All of the oils are Vegan, Handcrafted by Aromatherapists, containing only natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

We have created unique formulations that can be applied on the skin and are intended to bridge the gap between energy healing and beauty.

Our offerings are founded upon the principles of community, holistic beauty, healing, and giving back.

Formulated by Anousha in 2013 in her cabin kitchen in Los Angeles.