Themes: Preparation, Letting go, Passion, Deep inner work, Facing Truth.

If you were being really concisely conscious with asserting and spending Your energy wisely where and how and whom would you spend it with?

How would you distribute your focus if your needs were put first. This week guides us to putting our priorities in place, with our needs and self respect in place.

The symbol of the Scorpion comes up this week to teach us about stingers, who/what habits have you let into your life that maybe you shouldn’t have? Are there separations that need to take place? Do you need to cut cords with someone or an old cyclical pattern?

This is an ideal week for letting go of old possessions, clearing before changes ensue. I feel a lot of people will be moving physically within the next few weeks. This could be represented not only with change of scenery but referencing also physical activity or a change in workplace.

There is a heavy emphasis on relationships and love this week, moving into passions, what makes you passionate and how can you do more of that? What patterning in interpersonal relationships are you shifting right now? Events may feel fated and pre determined.

This is an ample time to work with energy through divination, also, align triple Virgo thinking when it comes to your space. If something doesn’t serve you, don’t have it around. Clearing your plate before the big moves are coming into shape is wise and allows for a smoother flight.

Letting go is an emphasis in the energy, letting go to allow new things in.

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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