The Art of Surrendering: What is surrendering and how to do it?

The Art of Surrendering: What is surrendering and how to do it?

The Art of Surrender: What it is and How to Do It 

I have heard the word surrender crop up time and time again in spiritual texts and when spiritualists discuss energy. At first, the art of surrender sounded daunting to me. I always seemed to associate the term with loss or tragedy in some capacity. 

The Art of Surrender

Ultimately, as a human being you are hard wired to enjoy the experience of feeling in control of your surroundings, and of your own energy and emotions. We often perceive safety or a lack of threat when we’re familiar with our experiences and our environment.  And resisting change is  part of that attachment. 

As we move into a much higher frequency on the planet, it is posing a time of great stress for many people. The paradigm of the lives they were living is unraveling fast, as that paradigm is no longer sustainable. 

This change in frequency is asking us all to embrace the art of surrender. It’s causing so many people to release the way of life they had always known, contributing to their need to adjust and practice surrendering techniques more frequently. 

Surrender is essential for your own personal and spiritual development. 

The Art of Surrender - What is Surrendering?

Surrendering is essentially relinquishing your controlled narrative of what you perceive to be the correct or expected way to live your life. In many ways, it is a requirement when operating within spiritual practice to relinquish and release the egoic desire to control your surroundings. 

The art of surrender is about giving your conscious experience of life the opportunity to be free from the expectations of your own perception and desired narrative. If you constantly try to control your life, you will never be happy.  Surrendering allows you to open up to new possibilities, embrace change, and flow with the current of life. 

How Can Someone Surrender?

Consciously Embrace Change

The brain is hardwired to fear change, because it perceives that change is a threat to your survival. When faced with times that require surrender, it’s important to recognize that relinquishing your control and expectations could possibly open you up to something even better. 

Remind Yourself You are Safe

When change is taking place, it’s a really good time to reaffirm through affirmations or root/sacral chakra work that you are safe in the phase of change. Root and sacral chakra strengthening can be worked on through verbal expression of boundaries and grounding exercises such as walking barefoot. Meditation and breathwork are helpful also.

What Would your Life Look Like if you Allowed Things to Be?

Allowing things to unfold, be, and present themselves is usually as simple as focusing on listening skills. When you listen, you let go of controlling the narrative, becoming more consciously aware of what really is being said. Focus on your listening skills and you’ll begin to master the art of surrender. 

Don’t Look at Surrendering as Failure

If you have to lose your house, car, job or relationship, realize that taking away something, whilst it may be painful to experience, doesn’t necessarily equate to failure or even loss. Often it’s when the shedding is experienced that we can free ourselves from certain structures that may have been holding us back or limiting our freedom. 

Embrace Change 

Enjoying the process of change is key to letting go of resistance to life's natural ebbs and flows. Wherever your journey takes you is ultimately the primary cause of our existence. Without being willing to surrender and change we are constantly in a motion of cycle, which can lead to an increase in stagnation, and repeating feedback loops in karma and mental programming. 

Change needn’t be a scary thing, neither letting go. The more you relinquish your expectation of how things should end up or present themselves, the less judgment is being operated on. You’ll  become more connected to the universal law of constant change and be in flux with it. The art of surrender is about recognizing that change is inevitable, and if we resist it, it can end up being problematic to both our personal and spiritual growth. 

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Thank You for those words. I’m practicing surrender as we speak. Also congratulations it’s been a while since we’ve spoken, but I see you’ve progressed exponentially. I’m so happy for you. Sending love and positive energy to you. Deliciously You.

Janiqua September 20, 2021

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