Week ahead calls to sprucing things up aesthetically, many people will be trying out new clothes, hairstyles, hanging new art + plants in their home, sprucing up their living environment, making time to clear out old belongings that carry stagnant energy. It feels GOOD to try on a new pair of shoes (figuratively and metaphorically) 🖼

There’s a strong message of moving into the now this week, being rooted in the present. Honoring your past and making goals for the future is great but this week calls to root in the now and to move forward without putting things off.

Pay attention to muscular tensions next week, CBD lotion, hot compresses and stretching will help.

Whenever I think of the sign of Libra I always think of beauty, I feel this week we could be looking at finding that within ourselves and saying yes to allowing more goodness to come in. So much of manifestation has to do with allowing, energetically when we are open to the possibilities things arise so easily, without force.

Affirmation: “there are so many possibilities available to me”

I pulled medicine card; Bat 🦇 (reversed) an excerpt of the meaning:

“If Bat is hanging upside down in your path, you have just met contrary Bat Medicine. This position leads to stagnation of the spirit and the refusal to acknowledge your true destiny. Always use your talents to the fullest. There maybe some area of your life which is dammed up and stopping your desire to create. Surrender the death of stagnation and start the process of rebirth and get creating.

Contrary Bat Medicine also implies that in the reversal of your natural cycle of rebirth you are trying to go at life in a backwards mode. This is a breach birth, in a sense, this type of occluded understanding of how to go about freeing yourself can lead to a stillbirth if one struggles to long in the birth canal.

Contrary Bat Medicine says to use your mind, courage, and strength to ensure an easy labor and quick delivery into a new state of being. Don’t let your dreams pass you by. Surrender to the new life you have dreamed of.”

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

Pic: @xuebing.du




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