ENERGYSCOPE (week ahead)

Themes: clarity, action, duty (facing responsibilities), movement, leveling UP ⬆️

✨Healing this week comes in reaching the conclusions + decisions, the action. The cards indicate that there has been worries and some stress developing, these cards came up around the sector of the reading where I dived deeper into work. Overthinking is the worst thing in this kind of an energy, the more you ruminate the more it stagnates. The BEST thing right now is to move, move forward, move your body, move your projects, move your creativity, everything is about movement this week.

🍯There’s a general relief energy coming in throughout the week and also a need to call on your guides to assist you with whatever has been on your mind this past week, there’s something that when surrendering it to the higher power you will yield results this week.

🪞This is quite a surreal time, not only is the veil particularly thin but also in relationship dynamics things could feel tense or a clarity and insight into what individual growth needs to happen, accountability and action is a high Aries moment and we are getting quite the serve of the Aries energy. It might feel a bit like “do I really need to do more work than I already have?”

🕊Healing comes in many forms this week particularly in the form of action + retreat, reveling in both.

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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