ENERGYSCOPES: August 6th, 2020

ENERGYSCOPES: August 6th, 2020

Themes: Diving deeper into understanding your own anger, reflection, intentions, hard work, creativity. 

Today I just pulled a medicine card, the card was Badger reversed. I could write a whole interpretation of this card but I actually feel the text book meaning of it could provide enough clarity for you today. 

“Badger in the contrary position can issue a time of reflection on what you feel helpless about. Is it your lack of aggressiveness or initiative? Is it your fear of being blasted or belittled if you present a new idea?” “Badger could be calling you to use herbs and roots to heal your body. There is a need for more aggressive action in life. No more inactivity can prevail without creating pain of some kind.” 

Suggested ritual: use any kind of sun magic right now, success spells are a must, abundance, channeling in energy rather than out. Incorporate color yellow, sun flowers, and amber essential oils.

Much light to all the magicians, 


Pic @sarashakeel (amazing artist!)

Card is from the Medicine cards oracle deck by Jamie Sams & David Carson


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