Have you ever been triggered and not know what to do when you are experiencing the aftermath of the experience?

Post trigger awareness these thoughtful actions can help immensely:

Prepare a delicious, nutritious meal for yourself.

Run a bath or shower and use the water element to soothe, I love using salt during moments like this for a recharge energetically. I’ll show you in a tutorial how you can cleanse specific chakra points using salt.

BREATHE, focus on long deep breaths.

be extra conscious of saying kind things to yourself like “You are safe” “I’m holding space for you and hearing you” “you are loved”

essential oils like lavender, chamomile can work wonders too, I strongly recommend chamomile tea (it’s inexpensive and so effective for central nervous system calming) you can even put two bags of the tea if you are needing an added kick.

Remember, triggers are normal, Everyone experiences them from time to time, what matters so much is how you show up for yourself in those stages during + after with as much self love + compassion as possible.

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