Themes: Perspective, Tenacity, Purpose, Rewriting Wrongs, Blessings, Sticking to your truth + path.

Usually when there’s something to celebrate it comes with a duality to it, for instance, your at a wonderful party enjoying your time and then you see someone there that is from the past and it might make you want to leave, replace friend with narrative, old drawn out cycle. That’s where we could find ourselves in an energy like this. There’s possibility of breaking some seriously long worn out cycles in the narrative and during what one could consider to be a celebratory experience. The question is do you stay there or do you leave in order to not go backwards. The Mercury retrograde coming in at more or less the beginning of Gemini season what are the odds (May 22) encourages us to go back and slow down but the beauty of it all is that for so many folks revisiting the past can mean for once and for all breaking some serious ruts. Something to celebrate.

People may feel compelled to vent at this time, make sure to create a threshold to how much advice you can give to others whilst focusing on your own self care and goals.

Tenacity and drive is critical and whilst there’s so much emotion that could come up during this week the most important outlook is an approach that is grounded, no matter what that needs to be released or shifted, remind yourself of your growth, your Grounded growth.

Joy is on the horizon and the universe points this week to healing in the modalities in which your spirit sings. If you like to paint, paint. If you like to write, write. Creative expression is imperative during the energy of this week and listening to your own inner guidance.

There is an inner knowing that the unfolding that is currently taking place is part of destiny of sorts, tapping into your psychic intuition and trusting that deep within your belly the echoes of what you know to be will always guide you to your highest potential. Trust in YOU.

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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