ENERGYSCOPE May 24th- 30th

ENERGYSCOPE May 24th- 30th

Themes: Asking Questions, Multitasking, Analytical thought, Revising.

With Mercury Retrograde in full swing here are some of my best pointers for the week ahead, please note if some things don't go according to plan the best way to look at this phase ahead is that often the revisions are guiding you to something better than originally sought out. 

It is critically important right now to look into the details of anything you are working on or negotiating with others, avoid signing contracts during this week and make sure to always speak up if you have a question about something or think there is room to ask for more help/ support from others with tasks.

Whenever I think of the sign of Gemini, I always think about the speed of the sign, meaning, you may have multiple spinning plates at this time. The pace of things may feel quicker this week irrespective of the retrograde usually being a time to "slow down" 

The cards I pulled for the week ahead were all geared around the theme of passion, understanding or fully seeing in full spectrum what you feel passionate about, engaging in that passion is healing. There's also a Lovers card upright for the week ahead so this could be a great time to connect deeper with a partner or within your psyche of what projects and passions you truly find healing and motivating moving forward. 

There was an emphasis in the reading within prosperity also, it may have been a time the last few weeks of some tensions surrounding financials but in the coming week I feel there is lots of good and positive news surrounding finances and new welcome opportunities. 

Working with the stone of Rose Quartz, Selenite and the herbs of Chamomile for relaxation is wonderful for the week ahead. 

Much light to all the magicians, 


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