Themes: Indecision, pause, reflection, conflict resolution, choice, protection, blossom.

My grandmother always used to use this saying, “If in doubt, do nought” looking back, she was right, sometimes it’s important to pause. The cards indicate a real need to pause this week on major decisions. Yes, choices need to be made but they can wait until next week after the full moon preferably. There is a lot of internal processing happening collectively, this makes an ideal time to focus inward with self love and self care in tact.

I pulled a variety of cards for this weeks scope with the centralized medicine card being “The Swan” the swans meaning in summary discusses accepting healing + transformation in your life. It discusses the importance of moving with the flow of self transformation, trusting in your gut knowledge and honoring your own intuition. Paying attention to those themes; trusting your inner knowing when it comes to your boundaries, limitations, or simply your own healing path this week.

Healing is very different for everyone, this week urges you to look inward and put gentleness toward yourself as a priority, embrace the inner transformation taking place.

There is a lot of shadow work integrating at this time, we are gearing up for a mammoth full moon in Scorpio on the 26th, on top of that we have an awareness with the five of wands upright discussing the importance of working within a team, collective community. Speaking truth is critical right now, if you’ve reached a threshold, a turning point, it’ll likely be expressed before the end of the month. Make sure that others within your orbit are also on the same page this is an ideal time to iron out any misalignments in direction.

There is a strong inner resolve when it comes to working with abundance, prosperity and self worth, we are now in full effect Taurus season. Knowing that you do very much have what it takes to step into the unknown that awaits. This is a profound time of building a solid grounded foundational relationship of respect within yourself and with others. A lot of new energy is about to come in.

Much light to all magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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