Anousha oils was founded in a cozy cabin kitchen in the woods in Los Angeles, California. The origins of Anousha's Apothecary making begun in her home country of England where the Rose bushes are fragrant and the earth is mossy.
Anousha is an Energy Specialist, she has read for thousands of people globally since the beginning of her career in the healing arts.

Transforming energy with Intention Oils

"I believe in the power of intentional self care, tuning into our bodies and spirits to enquire where our bodies and energy need support. From there, we can decipher what intentions are necessary to shift and empower. 

From a young age I would spend time in my garden to heal, to be with magic, to find my creativity, imagination and play, this is when I made my first oil in my Rose garden in England, Self Love. I would sit by the big bushy roses with my mortar and pestle and stir up the flowers and add oil. My memories in nature are sacred to me and opened up a lifetime of study into the healing powers of botanical plants and natural medicine."

Energy healing 

Later on in life I started my career in the healing arts and for close to two decades have been helping others heal and live to their full potential through my readings. After sessions, I would bottle up a unique oil blend depending on my clients needs, over time, I recieved such postive feedback of the oils that I captured each of these memories, energies and healing in each intention of Anousha oils. 

The Energy Collection

 Each Anousha oil is geared toward a different energy modality, We use fresh herbs and crystals that has a specific healing intention to the energy on our rollers to help maximize the impact of healing in our products. Our brand mission is to help others harness their own magic, encouraging the uniqueness of our own personal self care path. We strive to empower others with quality self care tools that enhance their healing and connection to their own inner power. 

The Anousha brand is about owning and embodying your truth, your spirit, your healing journey. In each of our oils there is the spirit of soul, the spirit of healing. Every product we make is intentionally made and handcrafted with love and care.
Much light,