Libra season is upon us, and balance is the key theme. 

How can we balance within what feels like internal and external chaos. This is dense energy causing us to look deep within. To find our truth and also our own internal balance so that we can live it/ speak it/ embody it. 

The mars in retrograde highlights the deep places within that don’t ascribe, it’s like rising and riding against the current but for blatant and obvious reason. A hard conflict of energies. Moving backwards/ forwards in an awkward feeling of being pulled in either direction. It’s frustrating. Please put your self care first right now, this is deep stuff rising to the surface and it’s causing so many of us to embody our true purpose this is one of the benefits of seeing so clearly what needs to happen but also involves pushing hard which mostly in the energy is a feeling of fatigue. It’s like wanting to push but at this time also needing the strength to, use your own inner compass to direct that timing for yourself, it’s easy to feel frustrated right now for so many reasons but don’t let your own processing be a part of that space. 

Allow yourself the time you need to move into what you know is next. 

Rise to the occasion by tuning into your personal needs right now, whatever those look like for you. There’s time to do it all, for now the key is rest and to allow the feelings to show up. 

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛

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