A look at the Weekly energy + diving into Virgo season written by Anousha

Themes: Pausing, Organizing, Clearing, New opportunities, Power, Streamlining communication. 

The shift into Virgo has felt very immediate, organization, practicality, will likely be at the top of your list during this time. It almost makes a welcome break from some of the intensity of Leo season. 

An interesting and complex week ahead energetically. 

In this weeks work sector new opportunities are knocking in addition, there is something boldly you must let go of right now it's coming up as a old pattern of some sort, Virgo season is going to be amazing to let go of destructive habits and cycles (great time to quit any vices, start a new workout or self care routine, and wellness checkups) 

Do not blind yourself to your power, don't try to talk your way out of the goals you really want to strive for. Aim high this month. Looking bravely out into a new path ahead this week. Things just feel NEW. 

One thing that comes up quite strongly is the new need to communicate clearly, there's been some miscommunication going on with some gossiping. Make sure to breathe deep into your self worth, is engaging really going to help something within you? Rise above it. It could feel tempting to speak a lot of truth but it could *really* hurt someone else right now, go easy with your words. 

Wrapping up this weeks energy, I pulled the Crow Medicine card here is some of it's definition: 

"Be willing to walk your talk, speak your truth, know your life’s mission, and balance past, present, and future in the now. Shape shift that old reality and become your future self. Allow the bending of physical laws to aid in creating the shape-shifted world of peace."

This is an ideal week for carving out home organization, completing projects, carving out new self care routines.

Much light,



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