You are transforming, Rebuilding. It’s exciting to see all the growing taking place for so many, there’s something magnificent on the other side of this, The fall season is set to be spectacular in shifts. 🔮

Just like scorpion medicine, the power in so many ways is in the poison, the poison being the transformative substance, it hurts when stung, on the other side of that is power. Confronting pain is progressive power, especially when you can defeat hardships. Protection element is strong right now too, as you step out you will need to up protection work, we can discuss this more in videos but a great thing to do is wear an amulet of your choice. 🦂

Affirmation: “I deserve the best” (doing this one a few weeks and it helps elevate your consciousness to understand that you do deserve the highest quality life possible. 

Ritual: If your serious about changes take the death tarot card and place it on your altar for a few days, meditate on what you are dismantling and what you absolutely are ready to receive.🌙

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