The Art of Facial Reflexology

Ever wondered about Facial Reflexology? Our friends at the Lazy Beauty club give you a step by step into the art form.
The Art of Facial Reflexology

Hello beautiful beings,

There is something I would LOVE for you all to know. Something I wish I knew long ago.


Whatever it is you are going through. 

However far away relief seems. 

You WILL heal. 

Facial reflexology is like that pair of vintage jeans nothing else in our closet ever compares to. We wear them and we know they came from some radical moment where life’s possibilities felt awesome and open-ended. Time and time again, outfit after outfit; they somehow know exactly what our body needs and they never let us down. Every once in a while the world puts new jeans in front of us, so we try them out. They kind of work for us, but we never feel fully satisfied in them. In the end, we go back to our trusty pair of vintage jeans; just as we are with facial reflexology now. 

Although practiced in Eastern countries for thousands of years, facial reflexology found its main developments in Vietnam in the 1980’s. A team of scientists, doctors and acupuncturists worked to map out hundreds of points on the face that are in correlation with our organs, systems, muscles, and skeleton. We now know there are areas we can stimulate on our face to communicate with other areas of our body. Similar to acupuncture, when these areas of our face are stimulated, energy is sent where our body needs it most and the blockages that were once hindering our bodies from functioning properly are dissolved. Because needles are not used, this lovely treatment encourages us to self-heal. Just as in nature, the human body is filled with natural resources waiting to be tapped into. By tuning into our innate wisdom, we find the answer has been inside of us all along. HOW EMPOWERING!

[Pictured: Tools of the trade. We can use any clean, smooth, rounded object that feels good on our face. Reflexology tools are available, but know the possibilities are always unlimited. From ballpoint pens to crochet hooks to textured gemstone rollers to your own fingers; you have options!]

Facial reflexology gives us the chance to better connect with ourselves and restore harmony within. The mere touch of a reflexology tool on our face can compassionately carry our nervous system into a state of complete bliss. A healthy interlude so many of us crave in our days. The benefits of facial reflexology are endless when combined with trusting oneself and listening to one's needs.

Our mind may say, 

"Hey babe, I need meditation and deeper breathing." 

Our body may say,

 “Hey babe, I need nutrition and movement."

We must listen in and nourish ourselves however we feel is best. Facial reflexology does not discriminate; it does not require a special purchase to be made or an extensive amount of knowledge to be known. A personal facial reflexology routine can be as simple as taking the end of a ballpoint pen and intuitively massaging our face with it. We may find immediate relief when performing facial reflexology on ourselves, but please know the more we practice facial reflexology, the more powerful it becomes. So for many, a daily facial reflexology routine may be best. 

[Pictured: A facial reflexology map highlighting some of the common imbalances seen in our society. You can follow this map if you know of any definite imbalances you currently have, or you can work the full face, because it feels so good! If you are ever pressed for time, focus on the forehead as the bulk of reflexology points can be found there. *If pregnant, please avoid activity under the nose.*]

When we approach this practice with an open mind, we may find we have imbalances we did not know were related to a certain organ or system. Maybe we even considered these imbalances untraceable and just accepted them as a part of who we are. For example, we know the kidneys promote bone health, create hormones, produce red blood cells, and filter waste. What we may not know is the kidneys energetically store a vital essence that affects the overall wellness of our body. When balanced, this essence can provide us with mindful concentration, strong teeth and bones, sexual exuberance, smoother respiration, happiness, clearer hearing, motivation, less inflammation and pain, confidence, a healthy reproductive system, vibrant hair, feelings of calmness and ease, and a comfortable body temperature. On top of internally finding balance, we start to see external balance take place as well. Where there was once a breakout, there is now clear skin. Where there was once a change in elasticity, there is now a natural lift. We truly can heal inside and out. 


Step 1: 

Set aside 5-10 minutes.

Step 2:

Have a reflexology tool of your choice with you and a hand mirror nearby.

Step 3: 

Lay in bed. 

Step 4:

Slowly and deeply breathe in and out. 

Step 5:

Massage your face with the tool, in a relaxing manner. You can massage in circular motions, sweeping motions, or however you like! You can stay as short or long as you want to in any particular area. Do what feels best and find freedom in moving your tool into your hairline and scalp and around your ears.  

Step 6:

Notice how you are feeling. Are you experiencing any tenderness? Soreness? Or maybe even relief or comfort? Do you detect any bumps? Are there any spots that feel as if the tool is “stuck” or not able to glide as easily? Look in the mirror. Do you see redness? Irritation? If you sense any of the above, you can spend a little bit more time in those areas.

Step 7: 

Smile! You accomplished something major today!

P.S. I would like to note I understand we may not always feel up to dedicating time to self-care on top of the millions of other things we have going on in our minds and lives. And THAT IS OKAY. It is not wrong to respond that way to our human experience. Just because this practice is stated as “simple” above, does not mean it always feels simple to take our first steps towards healing. Also, we may not feel amazing when we first start facial reflexology because moving energy around can be perceived as new and different in our bodies. Movement is medicine so although uncomfortable at times, it is leading us to a wonderful result. Maybe we take breaks and take our time getting there, and again, THAT IS OKAY.

Please know if you would like help getting started, there are certified practitioners who would love to spend time with you. I am one of those practitioners, located in Orange County, California. There are other practitioners, locally and internationally, that can be found here: www.jackievanruler.com/flow-method-practitioners (Please feel free to do your own search as well to best serve your needs.) Once we get started, staying motivated can be a whole other feat. So, if you are beginning your own facial reflexology routine at home, please be kind to yourself. It can take time and dedication to feel and see results, but know you are worth it. If we need to skip a day or two or five or twenty, facial reflexology will still be there for us when we are ready to start it up again. There is no right or wrong way to heal. It is a personal path for each of us, but let us continue to find connection to one another along the way. 

Energetic hugs, 




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