September 24th 2020

There’s a lot of earth energy around causing us to look at what structures we need to solidify with Libra energy addressing what is out of balance within those structures. It’s like the universe throwing a bunch of paperwork on your desk and saying “deal with it” you can’t really put this stuff off anymore, if someone or something isn’t working out it’s time to be upfront. On top of that sorting out within the infrastructure of work, we have a need to build concrete boundaries within relationships + communication particularly within speaking needs.

Please be direct as possible during the weekend with others and into next week to avoid any miscommunications. This isn’t a good time to say maybe to projects or developments, it’s yes or no. What does your heart want to commit to? Follow your passions. Follow what feels right, it’ll make more sense later, your intuition is so important right now. 

Direction could feel out of reach to grasp within the Libra energy because we are finding entire focus is going on balancing but the more balance you can find internally the more direction comes easier. Be solid and firm with your direction of passion and reap the rewards in November once mars and mercury retrograde will be at completion. It’ll be a critically important time for new beginnings. 

Much light to all the magicians,

Anousha 🌞🌛


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