💎Themes: Advancement, career growth, ancestral work, karma. 💎
The cards for the month ahead were a really interesting presentation, we had THREE pentacles upright (a lot of conversations about abundance, career growth, opportunities and communication) there’s a key project that many people will be working on this month that will be karmically attached to them. In greater outline, its a project that truly means something to you, both from a spiritual connection and professional one.
It is important to highlight that the pace of this month is demanding, more so than usual with cancer season, which typically is a slower month energetically. The demanding pace calls on the importance of remembering to celebrate those you love, you might be so busy it could be easy to forget to make the time to ring a loved one or spend time with a true friend.
Don’t forget to express love in the midst of the busy July.
This is a great month to do spirit connection work, ancestral connection and communication, altar practices and working with any crystals or herbs that facilitate psychic connection is favored.
Mint tea/ selenite a winning combo.
Much light,
Anousha 🌞🌛

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