Energyscopes Weekly: September 6th

Energyscopes Weekly: September 6th

Themes: Building structure, endings, beginnings, focus.

What a week last week was in the energy! We now find ourselves in a new moon in Virgo, the overall themes are to do with purification, preservation and building a new overall structure to our daily lifes and routines that helps aid and honor our boundary systems more closely. 

New moons are a powerful time to start new beginnings, they are often a time of revision and boundary setting. 

This weeks energy may have you cleansing some old patterns, cycles or dynamics out of your life, it's heavy emotional labor but the results of doing the deep work are long lasting! 

There is such an abundant energy coming through this week especially toward mid week onwards (weds) a fruitful opportunity new collaboration will be taking place for many that will put a large focus or emphasis on building and developing their career sector. 

The energy has been focused on our structure- Virgo ruling reality that makes sense! Revising our home and living environment, are you moving? Or are you rearranging, deep cleaning? There's an emphasis energetically on revising your grounded space, how are you realigning things? 

When looking at and revising the boundary systems that were powerfully addressed last week integrating into this weeks energy the focus primarily looks at exchange, what are you willing to give/receive? What connections/dynamics feel blossoming? Where will you be honoring your self love in all decisions this week.

Change is never easy but it is necessary and this week will reflect all of those deep internal changes you have been working through since the spring onwards, a powerful awakening.

Much light, 


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