The Power of Holotropic Breathwork: Inducing DMT Within the Body to Self Regulate and Align the Mind, Body, and Soul

The Power of Holotropic Breathwork: Inducing DMT Within the Body to Self Regulate and Align the Mind, Body, and Soul

The Power of Holotropic Breathwork: Inducing DMT Within the Body to Self Regulate and Align the Mind, Body, and Soul

The more I do breathwork, the more I’m understanding what DMT actually feels like. 

Ever heard of how right before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes? That experience comes from the body secreting DMT. This is essentially the same process you go through when you practice breathwork consistently. It’s how you can let go of all energy that isn’t serving your highest good, so you can be one with your higher self.

Every time I do holotropic breathwork, my mind shows me a series of memories and traumas and wounds that I have yet to discover within myself as I cycle my whole being using the power of my own breath. 

Holotropic breath work is designed specifically to help the body produce its own natural DMT in order to help humans instantly heal from past traumas that they are still holding onto. Some of these traumas may have not even happened in this incarnation some traumas can be from ancestral wounds that the person is still carrying from either past lives or family lines. And I’m recognizing a lot of these memories that come up for me are things that I have completely forgotten about that had been blacked out in my conscious awareness at one point and it’s being brought to the surface again for me to witness it without having an emotional reaction to it ,so I may understand the wisdom of the moment, and then let it go back into the universe and out of my energy field.

It can also help to steer the direction of cycling this energy out of your auric field for good by consciously stating, “I no longer consent to this reality, I am letting it go.”

Once you let go of everything you ever ‘known’, you enter the ‘unknown’ states of being and align to your higher self. In order to align with your spirit body, you must consciously become aware of all your bodies - mental, emotional, and physical. So basically ya gotta face ALL your karma to remember who you really are.. which is the hardest part of the process. Because we are WHOLElistic beings here on earth to learn lessons, not to become them. 

This is the real inner work. It’s about letting go of everything you’ve ever learned and ever believed in to understand the real truth. And breath work is the portal to that realization.

For anyone who is curious to learn more on the power of holotropic breathwork, please refer to any resources of Stanlislav Grov, the founding fathers of holotropic breathwork, Dr. Joe Dispenza, an epigenetist who helps people heal utilizing intention and the breath, and Wim Hof, the man who brought the power of breathwork to science. 

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About the writer: My name is Melissa Baller and I have been teaching breathwork for a year now. I’ve been consistently studying the art of breathwork for about three years and I’m still learning so much about it to this day. It truly is one of the most simple, yet powerful holistic healing techniques in existence. The best part is it’s universally available for us, since we all need to breathe. Most of us have yet to discover this power within ourselves and I'm here to remind you how powerful you truly are as a human being.

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