ENERGYSCOPE Weekly (Jan 3rd-9th)

ENERGYSCOPE Weekly (Jan 3rd-9th)


Themes: reviewing receiving, commitments, interpersonal structures + dynamics.

How can you be more awake to your own communication when it comes to your needs? This week ahead brings us a moment of reflection of the energies around us, how we can build better habits and foundations for those structures to be born from.

Fertilizing and nourishing your own foundation is of the upmost importance this week, relationships may feel rocky during Venus retrograde with a need to reassess power plays, power struggles and how the natural give and receive flow is executed in all dynamics.

An ample week for clearing out your home creating budget plans, hard look at goals boundaries and connections. Amazing time to “reinvent” yourself. Starting anew with major healing integrations taking place. That thing you want to do but have been putting off? Start building now dreams that have plans attached. Self sufficiency is everything in Capricorn season.

Much light,

Anousha 🌜🌞

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