Finally back to myself. 💅 What a week it’s been, are you feeling tired? There’s so much energy shifting. So much coming to a culmination point. Next week proves to be a little different in motion but still a wrestling feeling when it comes to changing inner patterning/ dialogue. 

The words you speak to yourself, make sure they are words you would always accept from others. If you find yourself having dialogue internally that if spoken to you by somebody else would result in a closure of a connection ask yourself this: why do I allow to speak to myself in a way I wouldn’t allow others? 💜 We can all be our harshest critique and I feel that in Virgo season that makes sense to look at and re-examine/ re route. 

Our inner dialogue is often our biggest component of self love work, we will wrestle with the theme of shifting that next week through action. Taking even baby steps to standing up to past haunts is better than none at all. The past is over, well and truly, can you feel the new chapter beginning?🌼

LIVE READING TOMORROW 7PM PST make sure to tune in I’ll be answering your questions. AND doing a spread for the week ahead. 🌞

Art. Mustafa Hulusi (Still life of peaches 🍑 )


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